Biblical Studies

Semester 1 BIST121 The Bible and Popular Culture Level 1 16cr BIST221 The Bible, Culture and Class Level 2 16cr BIST330 Old Testament Text Level 3 16cr Semester 2 BIST122 Intro to African Biblical Interpretation Level 1 16cr BIST222 The Bible, Gender and Sexuality Level 2 16cr BIST310 Biblical Studies Level 3 16cr BIST340 New […]

Certificate in Pastoral Leadership and Chaplaincy

Semester 1 Introduction to Academic Writing & Research Reading texts with understanding, Searching for information or data, Writing a theological essay 16cr Introduction to Theological Studies Systematic Theology, Biblical Studies, History of Christianity, Practical Theology 16cr Introduction to Church leadership and management Basic Accounting, Project development and management, Reporting skills 16cr Semester 2 Introduction to […]