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TITLE: African Thought: A Journal of Afro-centric Knowledge (AT-JACK)
ISSN: 2789-3391

African Thought: A Journal of Afro-centric Knowledge will be a South African based journal in School of Religion, Philosophy and Classics at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. This journal seeks to publish articles that are mainly on African indigenous knowledge systems from a multi-disciplinary perspective as well as from a comparative perspective with other world knowledge systems. In its orientation, the journal is multi- disciplinary as it encourages scholarly reflection on African indigenous knowledge systems across the disciplines. As a journal that is primarily concerned with African indigenous knowledge systems, it also encourages scholarly reflection on the application of these indigenous knowledge systems in various spheres of life, e.g. African politics, religion, theology, ethics, psychology, philosophy, economics, history, sociology, anthropology, science, medicine, ecological conservation, the natural environment, etc. This journal has been envisaged as a forum on which to revisit the promotion of Afro- centric knowledge, an area of study which has been neglected for so long in many scholarly discourses in Africa and about Africa. Whilst the knowledge that has been disseminated and taught at African tertiary institutions has been largely Western oriented or Eurocentric, this journal aims to correct this discrepancy by giving an opportunity for a direct scholarly reflection on the advancement of Afro-centric knowledge.

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