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Welcome Message from the Director’s Desk

Welcome to the Centre for Constructive Theology (CCT) website. We are happy that you are visiting us. We are a Centre of the School of Religion, Philosophy and Classics, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It is said that Africans are notoriously religious but at the same time their religiosity does not seem to help them deal with pertinent issues such as governance, economic collapse, poverty, disease and environmental degradation.

CCT aims at providing a platform for theological reflection, exploration of decolonized knowledge and promotion of transformative action for faith communities such as churches, Faith-Based Organizations, and institutions of theological education. Our bias is working with marginalized groups such as women, African instituted Churches, LGBTQi+, the poor and unemployed. We host workshops, symposia, lectures, seminars and by produce theological resources.

We also offer attractive graduate and post graduate modules and supervision on areas such as governance, the environment, leadership and history of African christianities. We are fascinated by opportunities of research and enabling the publication of stories of communities of faith, their histories, trials and successes. We also serve as a bridge between matric and the university by offering theological modules that enable access to university programmes. For us theological knowledge must be decolonized and lead to transformative action. Therefore, you are invited to join us in exploring these opportunities so that together we can produce and disseminate knowledge for the African continent. You can join us either as a partner academic, student, participant in our research projects, seminars and workshops by following our blog, Facebook page and WhatsApp group.

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